Infekzioa pre-order available now

Infekzioa pre-order

Finally it’s time to unleash the next vinyl release on Blindead Productions onto the world, and it’s a rager! Along with that the shop has gotten a bunch of nice additions, like the recent Eu’s Arse re-issues, new Hellshock 7″ and more… scroll down for full list.

I’ve earlier said that the Infekzioa 7” would hopfully be available mid-July – turns out this was a bit too optimistic and instead the release date has been set to Friday, August 1st.

INFEKZIOA – Ezin da Alde Egin Sufrimenduaren Zulotik EP 7”
With harsh, speedy and bouncy basslines, rat-a-tat drums, frantic roaring and spitting vocals, and a guitar churning out raw riffs so piercing and sharp it’ll leave you with slash wounds – Infekzioa delivers 7 tracks of really fucking raw hardcore punk, all sung in Basque. And when I say raw, I mean r-a-w!

Infekzioa takes some of the best parts of old European hardcore (mainly Spanish and Italian to my ears) and deliver some of the most honest and crude sounding raw punk noise I’ve heard in a long time. This is intense punk in its purest and most unpolished form. D-beat zarata zikina!

The cover is graced with equally crude and fitting art by the guitar player and the 4-paged insert includes lyrics in both Basque and English as well as some additional artwork.

The limited edition of this record comes packed in an extra black envelope with a silver spray painted logo.
60 copies made, not available for trade or wholesale.

Pre-order the limited edition here
Pre-order the regular version here

Any label/distro interested in buying or trading should get in touch, if you act fast you will have the record on the date of release just as everyone who pre-order the 7″ will.


And that’s not all – the mailorder has been updated as well!

Bi-Marks – Sleeper 7″
Brottskod 11 – Demokratiskt kontroll LP
Dropdead/Converge – split 7″
Eskatologia – Skam . Skuld . Svek 10″
Eu’s Arse – Lo Stato Ha Bisogno 7″
Eu’s Arse/Impact – split 7″
Hellshock – Low men in yellow Cloaks 7″
Insidious Process/Contorture – split 7″
Krigskontrast/Skiplickers – split 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #374
Misantropic/Eaten Raw – split LP
No System – Dead Bands Tell No Tales 7″
Passiv Dödshjälp/Achilles – split LP
Process – Our Future? What Future? 12″
Rajoitus/Utanförskapet – split LP
Snøb – s/t 7″
Vermin – s/t 7″
Vivid Sekt – From Ruin 7″
Who Killed Spikey Jacket? – Beerstorm Trooper 7″

Heavy Nukes – Ultra Mega Raw 7″

To the Blindead Mailorder

Infekzioa 7″ coming in July – preview on Bandcamp

That’s right, the next release on Blindead Productions will be a 7″ with Spanish r-a-w punk band Infekzioa.

The test pressings were approved on thursday and the production has been started. No exact release date yet, but mid-July is a qualified guess. More info will follow, including pre-orders.

While you wait, feel free to preview the track Inperialismoa:


Check out more from Infekzioa at their website:

Mailorder news: Nomad, Scumraid, Paranoid, Iskallt Regn…

Scumraid - Out of Order 7"NEW ARRIVALS:
Archaic – Noise In Your Head 7″
Band of Accuse – Memento Mori 7″
Blinded – Demo 7″
Crisis – Kollectiv 2xLP
Diagnosis? Bastard! – #2 7″
Dispair – Future is for Sale 7″
Electric Funeral – Total Funeral 2xLP
Execute – A-Z 7″
Iskallt Regn – s/t 12″
Juanita Y Los Feos – Nueva Numancia LP
Krüger/Knark – split 7″
Los Crudos – Cobardes 7″
Napalm Raid – Storm 7″
Neo-Punkz – Fascist Fuckerz 7″
Nomad – japanese title MLP
Paranoid – Destroy Future Less System 7″
Sekien – Dawn of My Intent 7″
Scumraid – Out of Order 7″
S.H.I. – Lucifer Rising 7″
Sludge – Conduct LP
Suspense – Murder with the Axe 7″
V/A – Distorted Minds in a Sick World LP
V/A – Distortion Faith Vol.1 tape
V/A – Divine Wind 7″
Warthreat – s/t 7″
Your War #15

Besthöven/Final Slum War – split 12″
Heavy Nukes – 2nd EP 12″
Infernöh/Nomad – split 7″
Raw Hate – Fuck Off and Die 12″

The best way to order is to go here.

Distortion Faith vol.1 comp.tape coming this Friday

Distortion Faith vol.1 tape

Coming this Friday, the Distortion Faith compilation tape!

Close to 30 minutes of raging hardcore punk from around the world. All new and, apart from one song, all unreleased stuff from SNØB (4 tracks, Canada), WARCHILD (3 tracks, Sweden), BLOODSUCKERS (2 tracks, Russia), KAFKA (2 tracks, Japan), KOHTI TUHOA (2 tracks, Finland) and PARANOID (3 tracks, Sweden). Around 4-5 minutes from each band. A4 (full-size) fold-out cover that includes info from all the bands.
250 copies made, co-release with Distort the World.

Order your copy right away.

Massive mailorder update!


Blindead Productions have bought the entire SMRT Records distro, meaning that the mailorder got updated with a shitload of records a few days ago!

Some newer stuff, some old and some older. Some titles are new for the mailorder and some are restocks. Many only available in 1 or 2 copies, so don’t sleep on these.

The full list of all titles were included in the newsletter that went out on Thursday, but here’s the list of the stuff that was new to the Blindead Mailorder, just know that there were just as many titles restocked as well.

Nekromantiker – demo CDr

Acid Reflux – Secret Power 7″
Agent Attitude – Never-Ending Mess 7″
Alouatta – Animal 7″
Assembly Of God  – Submission Obedience Denial 7″
Brudte Löfter – Hårdt Miljö 7″
Cabbageheads – s/t 7″
Commitment Crew  – Rock Against Cretins 7″
Confuse – Nuclear Addicts 7″
Daily Void – s/t 7″
Diet Cokeheads – Ocular 7″
Direct Control – s/t 7″
Dogmatist – Obedience MMXII 7″
Downtofail – Monkey Suite Pt1 7″
Dry Hump – Fist Your Heroes 7″
Government Warning – Executed 7″
Human Mess – s/t 7″
Integrity – Walpurgisnacht 7″
Las Otras – s/t 7″
Lettuce Vultures/xBrainiax – split 7″
Lotus Fucker/Penis Geyser – split 7″
Love Potion – Ejaculator 7″
Love Potion – Intimacy 7″
Mass Genocide Process/See You In Hell – split 7″
Minor Threat – First Demo Tape 7″
Moderat Likvidation – Marionett I Kedjor 7″
Nakot/Dazd – split 7″
Nukkehammer – Soviet Rust Belt 7″
Offensive – Human Machine 7″
Pohjasakka – Maailma Täynnä Vihaa 7″
Rational Animals – s/t 7″
Repercussions – No Peace 7″
Reprobates – Stress 7″
School Jerks – Nothing Else 7″
Sectarian Violence – s/t 7″
Sheevayoga/More Bad News – split 7″
Slobs – Look Busy Do Nothing 7″
Slugz – Empty Space 7″
State – No Illusions 7″
Suburbanite – s/t 7″
Su19b/Dreadeye – split 7″
Sweet Tooth – Blister Music 7″
Technicolor Teeth – Sage 7″
Terveet Kädet – Piinaavanautinto 7″
The Narcs – Long Hot Summer 7″
Unholy Grave/Nakay – split 5″
Wasted Time – No Shore 7″
Zenevski Dekret – Necu Da Budem 7″

Agathocles – Grind is Protest LP
Agathocles – Mincer  LP
Alouatta – DIY 10″
Birdflesh  – Mongo Musicale LP
Bonehouse – The Fuse is Lit LP
Bottom Feeder – Grinding Teeth LP
Burial – Never Give Up… Never Give In 12″
Column Of Heaven – Mission From God LP
DDI/Stalker – split LP
Dissystema – The Grim Prospects of Our Future LP
Evidence Smrti – s/t LP
Faith  – Subject To Change LP
Foreign Objects – No Sensation LP
Haemorrhage – Grume LP
Haemorrhage – Emetic Cult LP
Hatred Surge – Deconstruct LP
Haymaker – Demo 12″
Lahar/Stolen Lives – split LP
Le Scrawl – Eager To Please 10″
Lotus Fucker – Forever My Fighting Spirit 12″
Machetazo – Mundo Cripta LP
Mad Pigs  – W.W.B.L.O. LP
Methdrinker/Moloch – split LP
Mob Rules – The Donor LP
Namenlos – 1983-89 LP
Nomos – Notes from the Acheron 12″
Pig Eyes – Total Destruction of the Present Moment 12″
Psudoko – Space Grind LP
Runnamucks – Clawing Back LP
Runnamucks – Inferno LP
Scream – Still Screaming LP
See You In Hell – Umet se Prodat LP
See You In Hell – Utok LP
Shitter Limited – Poliittinen Itsemurha LP
Sleep  – Vol 2 LP
SMD – The Devil Makes Me Do It LP
Splatterhouse – The House That Dead Built LP
Stalag 13 – In Control LP
Total Abuse – Prison Sweat LP
Total Chaos – Battered And Smashed LP
U.B.R. – Se En Lep Dan Za Umret LP
UX Vileheads – Hardcore XI LP
Willfull Neglect – EPs LP

This way to the mailorder and all those records!

Mailorder news: Infernöh, Nomad, Zyanose, Napalm A.D…

Zyanose - Putrid Sick Society LPDisturd – Inside 7″
Human Cull – Stillborn Nation LP
Infernöh/Nomad – split 7″
Kakafoni – Seizures 7″
Kohti Tuhoa – s/t 7″
Kohu-63 – Lisää Verta Historiaan LP + 7″
Kohu-63 – Valtaa ei Loistoa MLP
Maximum Rocknroll #272
Midnight Crisis – s/t 7″
Napalm A.D. – s/t LP
Rattus – Turta LP
Unbroken Bones – The Last Weapon 7″
Wound – s/t LP
Zyanose – Putrid Sick Society LP

Kylmä Sota/Rajoitus – split 7″
Ydinaseeton Pohjola/Aokigahara – split LP
Ydinaseeton Pohjola/Armless Children – split 7″
Ydinaseeton Pohjola/Keripukki – split 7″

This way to the mailorder

Mailorder news: Eel, Gas Rag, System Fucker…

System Fucker - s/t LPAsta Kask – Välkommen Hem 2xLP
Cress – Greed Machine And The Money Tree 2xLP
Distortion Faith #6
Eel – Endless Fucker 7″
Gas Rag – Beats Off 12″
Los Monjo – La Vida Que Todos Envidian LP
Maldito Pais – Los Inocentes Mueren 7″
Neuroot – Right Is Might LP
Raw Distractions – Raw Fight 7″
System Fucker – s/t LP
The Corpse – s/t 7″
The Vile – Provocation LP
Think Again – Never LP
Warthreat – And the Children 7″

Gas Rag – 6 Track EP 7″
Gas Rag – Human Rights 7″
Urban Waste – s/t 7″

Interested in buying? Step right up!

Distortion Faith #6 out now

Distortion Faith #6It’s been a little too long since the last issue if you ask us, but we try our best to make up for it. We even managed to get this one back from the printers one week ahead of schedule, which is a first.

Distortion Faith six holds interviews with noise punk buzzers Nekromantiker, råpunk rampagers Ydinaseeton Pohjola, American evildoers Hellgasm and classic ragers Siege (conducted by Per Thunell). Jocke discuss records with a few suspect punks, Krogh sum up the year of 2013 with his best of lists and we look forward in the brand new section called “A look at tomorrow”, where we check in with a whole bunch of bands to hear their plans for the year. In this issue we also introduce the comics of Janne Karlsson that will be a returning feature in the zine, and let’s not forget the always great photos courtesy of Chris Agitate. 36 pages, all in English.

Buy the zine here

Also, the new Warthreat – And the Children 7″ has arrived and is available in the mailorder.…warthreat7

Nya portopriser – New postage

Posten ändrade portot idag. Priserna upp till 1kg höjdes en del, allt över 1kg är oförändrat. Grundpriset för 2kg sänktes faktiskt med 2kr, men skrymmande (vilket är alla paket med en LP) ligger kvar på samma som förut.

The Swedish Post changed the postage prices today. Packages up to 1kg got a bit more expensive but, believe it or not, 1kg and 2kg packages actually got cheaper.
Over 2kg is the same as before.