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New stuff: Disclose, G-Anx, Voco Protesta, Sexface…

G-Anx - Flashbacks 2xLPUpdate: The Disclose LPs sold out faster than I could have imagined, but I will be getting more copies soon.

Ajax – Priced 7″
Anasazi – Nasty Witch Rock LP
Blazing Eye – s/t 7″
Dawn of Humans – Slurping At The Cosmos Spine LP
Disclose – Tragedy LP
Disclose – Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow’s Nightmare LP
G-Anx – Flashbacks 2xLP
Lastsentence/Voco Protesta – split 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #386
No – Treating people Like They Don’t Exist MLP
Sexface – Village Life 7″
S.H.I.T. – Generation Shit 7″
Squats – Noise Overdose 7″
Vultures – s/t 7″

You’ll find all the above and more in the Blindead Mailorder.

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Mailorder news: Horrendous, Pox, Vaaska…

Horrendous - War is Still... 12"Horrendous – War is Still… 12″
Korrosive – Syövyttävä tape
Leather Daddy – demo tape
Leather Daddy – Sob Story tape
Mercy Killings – Snuffed Out 7″
Narcoleptics – s/t tape
Parasytes – Demo tape
Pox – Demo Tape (2015)
Primitive Pact – Acid Rain Demo 2015
Sadist – Blood Song 2014 Demo tape
Vaaska – Todos Contra Todos 12″

Dissekerad – Attack 7″
Dissekerad – s/t LP

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New arrivals: Low Vision, Chaka, Exit Hippies, Broken Cross…

Chaka Despair tapeSome new stuff has landed in the last week:

Broken Cross – Through Light to Night LP
Chaka – Despair tape
Exit Hippies/Aostrapos – split LP
Exit Hippies/Asocial Terror Fabrication – split 7″
Exit Hippies – Tokyo Sound System 5 CD
Generacion Suicida – Todo Termina 12″
Low Vision – Live in Best Time LP
V/A – Tokyo Sound System 1+2=3 2xCD
V/A – Tokyo Sound System 2 2xLP

Blindead Mailorder

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Mailorder news: Disorder, Stagnation, System Fucker…

Disorder / Stagnation - split 7"Disorder / Stagnation – split 7″
Domo Arigato – Soymilk & Punk Rock 7″
Drip of Lies – Failure LP
Knife in The Leg / Fix My Head – split LP
Kronisk Misantropi / Waarface – split 7″
Life Chain – No More Bloom 7″ flexi
Maximum Rocknroll #384
Nervgift / Parasight – split LP
Paranoid Visions – Two Black Eyes 7″
Parantumaton – Diseased Minds are On! tape
Produkt – Uzaleznieni LP
Rats Blood – Low Life LP
Skew Whiff – Taedium Vitae LP
Sokea Piste – Ajatus Karkaa LP
Sow Threat – s/t 7″
System Fucker – Ishikantetsu LP
Systematik – Bondage LP
The Dog – Fountain of Youth 7″
Visitor – High Speed Savage LP

You know where to go – to the Blindead Shop

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Record of the week in Maximum Rocknroll

Maximum Rocknroll and Ken Sanderson especially enjoyed the Kronofogden LP this week, so much that it became their record of the week.

The second full-length from Hudiksvall, Sweden’s KRONOFOGDEN (“Enforcement Officer”) shares some obvious DNA with the legendary bands from their hometown (members of MISSBRUKARNA even do guest a chorus on one track), but charges harder on a ramshackle USHC bent, with vocals quickly spat out over fourteen straightforward hardcore bursts. Sturdy, linear drumming propels the fuzzed-out gnarl of guitar distortion, as the angry vocals and shouted choruses in Swedish scrape the volume peaks of their slightly distorted recording. With enough elements stewing, this sturdy engine here stirs things up enough to keep it on edge like a noisier, more raw take on the best moments of DS-13 and ETA, and the second side has a few more crunchy downbeat moments that shadow some TOTALITÄR poundings. The title (which translates to “Work and/or Leisure”) reveals a good portion of the lyrics’ meanings, with English translations explaining how they questioning the Swedish relationship to work and employment, the cost of public transportation in traditionally poorer areas of their city, the closing of youth centers, and other local issues. Cover artwork is pen-and-ink scribble, somewhere between MAGGOT SANDWICH and MUNICIPAL WASTE, with assembly lines, robot cops, zombies and more. Also comes with a 16-page comic. Killer!

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Mailorder news: Warcry, Poison Idea, Silent Order and more!

Warcry - Savage Machinery LPBlood Patrol – From Beyond and Below LP
Disarray – Discography LP
Domestics – G.D.P. EP 7″
Domestics – Routine and Ritual LP
Koszmar- Nuklearna Supremacja 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #383
Poison Idea – Confuse & Conquer LP
Silent Order- Distraction 7″
V/A – Haiku Fucks 7″
V/A – Turist i tillvaron vol.8 2xLP
V/A – Without Kibou There is Nothing vol.3 7″
Warcry – Drone 7″
Warcry – Savage Machinery LP
We Live in Trenches – Life Crisis LP

Long Knife – Possession 7″

All available in the Blindead Mailorder

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Brand new shop!

As you might have noticed, or soon will, I have launched a brand new Blindead Mailorder webshop. There have been a LOT of hours spent on this, adding products, moving the customer accounts, testing everything, making sure payments are working like they should… but finally it’s done! But, with that said, I can’t guarantee I haven’t missed anything, so if you come across something that feels odd, please let me know.

There’s always room for improvement of course and it will be an ongoing process to make it better and I will probably add features as we go along, just need to have it up and running for a while before that step is taken.

New with this shop is that you don’t have to create an account to order, but it helps if you want to keep track of your past orders and/or keep your address.

Also, since the move from the old shop to the new I have moved all existing accounts but all passwords have been reset to a random new one so you’ll have to request a new one to be able to log in. Then you can reset your old password if you want.

Note that the accounts created in the last month while the work with this new shop was happening has NOT been transferred, sorry for any inconvenience that might cause.

The old shop was just that – old. It wasn’t in line with the times anymore and it wouldn’t have been safe or functioning for too much longer so the change was needed. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I hope you will be as well.