Kronofogden LP teaser

Lock your doors, board up your windows, booby trap your surroundings… Kronofogden is coming!

The band made this little teaser for the upcoming LP – that’s at the pressing plant as we speak.


It started out with me lowering the price on a few titles, then some more, then some more… and it turned out to be a “sending-a-record-to-press-and-have-more-debts-to-pay” sale. Or a “how-am-I-going-to-dig-myself-out-of-this-hole” sale if you will.

Seriously though, I have a pile of bills from other labels and distros that needs to be payed soon and I don’t quite have the money just now so a year-end sale seemed like a good idea.

So, if you want to make a bargain or finally buy that record you’ve wondered about, now’s your chance.
Head over to the Specials to get the full list.
You can also browse the regular lists, which in all honesty is a lot easier.

Anyway… go, go, go!


Full Infekzioa 7″ on bandcamp + Create to Destroy

As of yesterday the full Infekzioa – Ezin da Alde Egin Sufrimenduaren Zulotik 7″ is available for streaming over at the Blindead bandcamp.

For your convenience, here’s a player:


We’re getting all famous and shit. Amelia was nice enough to interview Blindead Productions for the latest Create to Destroy over at Maximum Rocknroll

I got answered a few questions and answered them way too late for what’s normal courtesy, but now this has been published for the world to read.

Initially I was credited as being a member of both Sex Dwarf and Infekzioa and while I can’t say I had a problem with people believing I was in those two awesome bands I asked them to change it. Just in case anyone read it before the change I felt I wanted to clarify.

It’s a sonic buzzbomb!

Al Quint reviews Infekzioa in the Suburban Voice blog #112:

Pure distorto-d-beat mayhem from Spain (the lyrics are in the Basque language). Low-fi ‘n tinny, with a sheets of guitar noise fused to bass/drums pummel and hoarse, spat-out yells. Ear-slaughtering damage that sounds like it’s about to fly apart. Inspired by the likes of Wretched and some early Finnish hardcore and it’s a sonic buzzbomb.

New arrivals: Anti Cimex, Terveet Kädet, Vaurio and Life

Here we go – the Anti Cimex LPs arrived today! Available on both black and white (very limited amount though) vinyl.
Also included in the package was a couple of LPs from Terveet Kädet and one from Vaurio.

And as a bonus the new LIFE 7″ arrived today as well. Well, almost at least – I can’t pick it up until tomorrow, but it’s within city limits.

So, go get it at the mailorder

Anti Cimex

Mailorder update: Ambush, Negative Insight, Chaos UK…

So, I’m still waiting on those Anti Cimex re-issues to arrive, but since a lot of new and great stuff has arrived I thought it better to update with what I have instead of waiting too long.

Here’s what’s new this time around:

Negative Insight #2 with Chaos UK 7"Ambush – 4 track flexi
Disable – Blitzkrieg Night cassette EP
Hellexist – Age of Death tape
Inebrious Bastard/Terrorist – split 7″
Kruel – Noise not Music tape
Mary’s Kids – Crust Soup – The Singles Collection 2006-2013 CD
Mesk – Jag är ett problem 7″
Negative Insight #2 with Chaos UK 7″
Reklamation – Namnlös EP 7″
Swordwielder – Demo tape
The Brood – Defective 7″

Follow this link to the mailorder

Blindead Mailorder is semi-closed

Since I will be away on adventures in the US of A the first half of November no orders will be shipped November 3 through 15.

All orders placed, and paid for, before today has been packed up and shipped and should reach you shortly if they haven’t already.

The mailorder will be open but nothing will be sent out until November 16 at the earliest.

Mailorder news – Sex Dwarf, Life Chain, Long Knife…

Sex Dwarf - Non Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret LPBeda – Let The World Crumbles To Ashes… Tape
Begravningsentreprenörerna – s/t 10″
Bomb Hoarder/Nerve Damage – split 7″
Crutches – demo 7″
Femacoffin – s/t 7″
Gastkramad – Destruction tape
Grump – Love Punk Hate Punks tape
Jobseekers – s/t 7″
Life Chain – No Laughter 7″
Long Knife – Possession 7″
Låt Dom Hata Oss – Snackar skit om mig själv med mig själv 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #376
Maximum Rocknroll #377
Sex Dwarf – Non Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret LP
Svart Städhjälp – s/t LP
Urbanioa – Psykisk Terror 7″

Click here to order these formidable records and tapes!