Mailorder update: Ambush, Negative Insight, Chaos UK…

So, I’m still waiting on those Anti Cimex re-issues to arrive, but since a lot of new and great stuff has arrived I thought it better to update with what I have instead of waiting too long.

Here’s what’s new this time around:

Negative Insight #2 with Chaos UK 7"Ambush – 4 track flexi
Disable – Blitzkrieg Night cassette EP
Hellexist – Age of Death tape
Inebrious Bastard/Terrorist – split 7″
Kruel – Noise not Music tape
Mary’s Kids – Crust Soup – The Singles Collection 2006-2013 CD
Mesk – Jag är ett problem 7″
Negative Insight #2 with Chaos UK 7″
Reklamation – Namnlös EP 7″
Swordwielder – Demo tape
The Brood – Defective 7″

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Blindead Mailorder is semi-closed

Since I will be away on adventures in the US of A the first half of November no orders will be shipped November 3 through 15.

All orders placed, and paid for, before today has been packed up and shipped and should reach you shortly if they haven’t already.

The mailorder will be open but nothing will be sent out until November 16 at the earliest.

Mailorder news – Sex Dwarf, Life Chain, Long Knife…

Sex Dwarf - Non Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret LPBeda – Let The World Crumbles To Ashes… Tape
Begravningsentreprenörerna – s/t 10″
Bomb Hoarder/Nerve Damage – split 7″
Crutches – demo 7″
Femacoffin – s/t 7″
Gastkramad – Destruction tape
Grump – Love Punk Hate Punks tape
Jobseekers – s/t 7″
Life Chain – No Laughter 7″
Long Knife – Possession 7″
Låt Dom Hata Oss – Snackar skit om mig själv med mig själv 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #376
Maximum Rocknroll #377
Sex Dwarf – Non Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret LP
Svart Städhjälp – s/t LP
Urbanioa – Psykisk Terror 7″

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D-takt & Råpunk donation update

Time to report. As you all know D-takt & Råpunk was struck with a flooding disaster a while back. Many stepped up and wanted to help Jocke and I decided to give 50% on all sold Blindead Productions t-shirts in August to him. I sold a total of 5 shirts, which would be about €27/$35, but I felt that was too little so I decided to double it and give it all, €54/$70, to Jocke. It’s still not so much but hopefully it helps a bit.
So thanks to those who bought a shirts and know that all your money went to the right place. It feels nice that we together could do something to help out a friend.

Mailorder news: Protes Bengt, Diswar, Martyrdöd…

OK, so I had hoped to have a little more stuff to update with today, but it’ll show up. Unfortunately the Long Knife 7″ that arrived here on Monday was stolen from the mailbike before he could deliver it them to me. They might have turned up, but I guess it’s a slow process to get stolen stuff back, we’ll see what happens.

Protest Bengt - In Bengt We Trust 7"Anyway, here are the new arrivals:
Brächraits – November ’89 Demos 1990+1992 LP
Diswar – The World in Flames 12″
Martyrdöd – Elddop LP
Protes Bengt – In Bengt We Trust 7″

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Mailorder news: Sex Dwarf, Warthreat, Makabert Fynd…

Lots of new stuff in the mailorder this time. Lots of really great stuff!

But first, don’t miss the AUGUST SALE that is happening right now.
There are 130+ items that have gotten their prices lowered, some a lot, some a little less.
With a new release out, me buying the SMRT Records distro and the fall plans for the label I need the money, and you need records – so I figure it’s a win/win.

Sex Dwarf / Warthreat - split 7"NEW ARRIVALS:
Alerta! / Amenaça – split flexi
Arrest – La Poli Bastarda 7″
Artimus Pyle – Tonight is the End of Your Way 7″
Bog People – 81 in 09 demo
Bombsplinter – No one Survives tape
Bring the Drones – Bordello Hospital 7″
Brody’s Militia – Napalm Zeppelin Raids 7″
Conquestio / Woundead Knee – split 7″
Infanticide – Misconception of Hope 12″
Kick It! – s/t 7″
Knark – s/t 7″
Makabert Fynd – Järnrörsromantik LP
Manipulation – 2 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #375
Mørkt Kapittel / Agenda – split 7″
Prag – demo 7″
Pray for Death – s/t 7″
Primetime – s/t 7″
Primitive Pact – End of the World Tape
Sete Star Sept / New York Against Belzebu – split 7″
Sex Dwarf / Warthreat – split 7″
Shiny Brown – Strawberries 7″
Stripmines – Sympathy Rations 7″
Suffer the Pain – Face of Doom 7″
Wormeaters – Wardeath 7
Zustände – s/t 7″
Ääritila -…Ja Kaikki Kultenkin Päättyy Kuolemaan LP
Ääritila – s/t 7″

Contrast Attitude / See You in Hell – split 7″
Deformity – Shards 7″
Makabert Fynd / Fear of Extinction – split 7″

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D-takt & Råpunk disaster

Go help Jocke!

“Records and merch, tour/band gifts and parts of my private collection is totally drenched, ruined and must be discarded at a value of around: 41.200€ / $54.900 / 35.200£ / 5.650.000YEN
and my insurance covers only: 5100€ / $6800 / 4000£ / 700.000YEN
because our stock is located in a storage room. I dont know/think I will survive this personal and economic crisis. And as it seems, this might be the end of D-takt & Råpunk Records. When a damage such as this strikes against a d.i.y punk label its hard to get back in the ring again. I could really need all your help and support right now. Feel free to get in touch if you think that you can help us out in any way. More information will follow as soon as i know more about this total mess. I really hate to beg and ask for favours and I would not do it if I absolutely not needed.
I need some sleep, been working day and night for two days straight in a row now. I will try my best to keep the punk spirit up, but at the same time I must admit that it feels pretty fucking hopeless right now.

The label, distro and everything around it will be closed indefinitely until I got a better overview of the whole situation. Thanks for all your support!”

If you can help, there’s a site set up where you can make donations:

Also, 50% of all income on sold Blindead Productions t-shirts during August will go to Jocke to help out with the financial problems. Click here to order a t-shirt.

Infekzioa 7″ out now! Plus Mailorder sale

Infekzioa 7" out now

The INFEKZIOA – Ezin da Alde Egin Sufrimenduaren Zulotik EP 7” is out now!

Limited and regular editions available in the Blindead Mailorder.

Or why not check out these international distros who all have (or very soon will have) copies:

Crucificados Pelo Sistema, Germany
Discos Enfermos, Spain
Imminent Destruction, UK
Jobsworth, Ireland
La Vida Es Un Mus, UK
NAT Records, Japan
Nightstick Justice Records, Finland
Phobia Records, Czech Republic
Rawmantic Disasters, Germany
Recordshop BASE, Japan
Soap and Spikes, USA
Sorry State, USA
Voice from Inside, Ukraine

The list is constantly growing, so talk to your favorite dealer if they don’t have it already.

If you have a distro or a label and want to trade or buy copies, feel free to get in touch.

But that’s not all, there’s also a sale going on with slashed prices on 130+ titles – go order some records, please?