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Massacre Divine - Beijando A Morte 7" frontMassacre Divine - Beijando A Morte 7" backMassacre Divine - Beijando A Morte 7" limited

Massacre Divine – Beijando A Morte 7″

Release March 2013, 600 black vinyl, 45rpm
[60 limited pre-order editions with a special stickered plastic bag and patch]

No, it does NOT sound like THAT record.

Fofäo Discrust (Besthöven) and Jo (Germ Attak and more) has joined forces to deliver a zipping, ripping mess of sound on this 7″.

Raw and crunchy guitars, rolling basslines and “sloppy” hammering drums – topped off by roaring reverby vocals in English and Portuguese.

Four tracks of raw punk that sounds like a long lost Discharge recording put to tape some time between “Realities of War” and “Fight Back”.

Co-release between Blindead Productions and Nuclear Fear Records.

Side A:
I Don’t Believe in Their Lies
Kill Who Wants to Kill You

Side AA:
Beijando A Morte
Esta Maldita Rotina

Maximum Rocknroll:
Massacre Divine is good. That said, I judged the project with skepticism before I listened to it. But, this EP made it through my contempt prior to investigation. I am not a fan of MySpace crust or blatant Discharge aesthetic rips. For the record, this EP is neither one of those horrific plagues of modern day punk. The sleeve has a rather nice, simplistic punk layout. Knowing what I knew of the concept of the band, I expected this to be the epitome of everything wrong with modern Discharge clone punk and the painful “I heart D-Beat” movement. But, this release was done with such an obsessive OCD compulsion on both musicians’ ends that it goes and reaches beyond my initial reversion to earn a fucking nod of respect. Massacre Divine is Fofao of Besthöven from Brazil and Jo of Germ Attak from Ottawa. This is an impressive bi-continental two member project. The drums are recorded mono and imitate the structure, playing, style, beats, tempo, mistakes and everything else down to the last detail of the first Discharge 7″. You will find none of the rubbish currently called D-beat here with down-tuned guitars, screamy and growly vocals, with garage epic death metal riffs. This is for the purist in your studded little “I truly heart D-Beat” heart. (Andrew Underwood, Maximum Roknroll #361)

Nightstick Justice:
Massacre Divine är ett samarbete mellan Fofäo (Besthöven) och Jo (Germ Attack) inspelad inom loppet av fyra år och av namnet att döma så förstår man direkt vad det låter som. Dock kanske en del av er tror att det ska låta som skivan med samma namn av Discharge men som tur är gör det inte det. Eller, vad vet jag? Jag har aldrig hört Massacre Divine LPn och jag har heller inga större begär att nånsin få göra det heller. Istället har de den goda smaken att ha spelat in en EP som låter precis som tidiga Discharge. Har nog aldrig hört ett band som låter mer Discharge än så här faktiskt. Fyra låtar, två på engelska och två på portugisiska, där de som gapas på engelska faller mig mest i smaken. Tycker det känns lite drivigare med sång på engelska på dessa låtar. Fantastiska basgångar, perfekt trumljud och en skiva som inte dagens Discharge ens skulle kunna komma nära att göra.