DEAD 010

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Massmord/Shades of Grey – split LP/CD

LP released October 2008, 1250 black vinyl, 33rpm
CD released October 2008, 1000 copies

Two of Sweden’s most powerful bands team up to deliver 11 tracks of bulldozing crustcore.
MASSMORD have proven on their previous 2 LPs that they’re a force to reckon with and on this split they lay down 6 even more powerful tracks than earlier and prove that they had no problem handling the transition from two to one singer.
SHADES OF GREY make their vinyl debut on here and the only question you ask yourself is why they haven’t done so sooner? 5 heavy ragers with dual vocals.

A double dose of downtuned hardcore punk that’s perfectly matched, both musically and ideologically. Both bands have excellent recording production with an absolutely huge sound. Prepare to be blown away!

This is a co-release between Blindead Productions, Nakkeskudd Plater, Contraszt! Records, Vex Records, and Profane Existence Records.

På pestens svarta vingar
I civilisationens skugga
När skymningen faller
Missnöjets ruiner
Jag dör ensam i en värld av idioter

Shades of Grey:
Throw the first stone
Capitalism must come to an end
A vicious circle
Point of no return