DEAD 009

Massmord – Unleashed LP

Released July 2007, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm

When I think back on the fact that I almost didn’t get involved with the release of the debut LP from Massmord it gives me a headache still, even though I actually did get the money together and could get onboard. But to come so close to miss out on one of the best bands currently operating in Sweden is not something I want to experience again. Therefore the choice to put the Blindead logo on this new LP wasn’t a hard one, how could I do anything but?

Massmord has on this second LP really found their own sound and the twelve tracks on here show a band that know what they want and know how to get it done. While still drawing inspiration from others as bands tend to do, they keep it at inspiration and steer clear of copying.
Convincing delivery of fe/male vocals, dual charging guitars, thundering bass lines, hard urgent drumming – when put together this is as powerful as it gets.

Massmord play aggressive high-quality Swedish crustcore with a good balance of sharp melodies and extreme heaviness.

This is a co-release between Blindead Productions, Nakkeskudd Plater, Contraszt! Records, and Halvfabrikat Records.

Side A:
Cries of Wolf
För alla dom som knyter näven
Your time to pay
Driven to submission
Svikna löften

Side B:
Ett frö av ondska
Under the whip
Shadows over humanity
Led astray
I en värld utan framtid