DEAD 007

Personkrets 3:1 – The Glorious Dead LP

Released November 2006, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm

I got in on this release fairly late in the process, but early enough to feel fully involved. At first I said no to co-release it due to financial reasons but as soon as I heard the tracks I had to reconsider my choice – this was too damn good to pass up.

Personkrets 3:1 does on this LP follow up the great “Life is Beautiful” 10″ with 10 tracks of a raging mix of crustcore and classic Swedish råpunk. They do on this LP show that they can go from attacking furious tracks to longer moodier tunes, and balancing a lot of their material in between those two styles.
9 new tracks and a re-recorded version of “Sjuka Jävlar” from their split 7″ with Human Waste.

This is a co-release between Blindead Productions, Halvfabrikat Records, Fight Records, and Fight For Your Mind.

Side A:
The glorious dead
See and believe

Side B:
Where is your god now?
The cancer has spread
What is it all worth?
Victims of war
Sjuka jävlar (igen)