DEAD 005

V/A – We Come in Peace (More World, Less Bank! pt.2) 7″EP

Released November 2004, 1000 black vinyl, 33rpm

Little over a year ago Blindead Productions and Halvfabrikat Records released a compilation 7″ called “More World, Less Bank!”. We were so satisfied with the final result and it didn’t take long until we started to work on the follow up – this one. We are all very aware of the fact that compilations might not be the hottest thing within the punkscene, but that’s a fact we want to turn around – and we have very good material to do so.

Just as last time the line-up includes eight bands all contributing with unreleased stuff: Protestera, Anatomi-71, Apologia, Personkrets 3:1, Diskonto, 365 Dagar Av Synd (Dödsdömd under a new name) from Sweden, Kuolema and Ensam from Finland.

Side A:
PROTESTERA – Punklåten
ANATOMI-71 – Arbetsförnedringen
KUOLEMA – Nyt Otetaan
APOLOGIA – Never Enough

Side B:
PERSONKRETS 3:1 – Vansinne
ENSAM – Trocas
DISKONTO – Anti-Cimex
365 DAGAR AV SYND – Vakna För Fan!