DEAD 004

Sick Terror – AjaxFree Re-masters/Re-monsters 7″

Released April 2004, 500 black vinyl, 33rpm

Take the intensity of Sick Terror, and mix it all up with the insanity of the AjaxFree noisemachine and you’ll get a record that will splatter your brains all over the wall. Brazilian thrashmusick jam-packed with samples and distorted “sounds”. Play loud! …if you dare.
The material on this are the most intense stuff so far from this band, continuing on the same path as the split 7″ with World Burns to Death. Hyperthrash!

Side A:
Máquina Inútil
Guerra dos Moinhos
Cidadão Preso
Caminhos sem Esperanca
O Muro

Side B:
Eu sou um Perdedor
Lâminas Para o Natal
Morda a Língua
Lair Ribeiro Is Watching You