Crossing Chaos – Disgusting Reality 7″

Released November 2003, 500 black vinyl, 45rpm

It’s been delayed, then delayed again and again… But finally, when the financial situation here at Blindead HQ allowed it, it came. And it was worth the wait! 6 80’s Swedish style råpunk ragers, done by Swedes (for a change). Take the greatness of bands such as Disarm, Anti-Cimex, Moderat Likvidation and mix it up with later Swedish (Skitsystem) and American (State of Fear) raw hardcore and you’ll get the point. Pissed off and short to-the-point lyrics all backed up with fast beats, fierce guitars and dual screamed vocals. It can’t go wrong.

One of the more active bands in Sweden when it comes to recording, but not releasing unfortunatley, so don’t miss out on this. I even dare to call it a future classic.

Side A:
Hiroshima (Moderat Likvidation)

Side B:
Enemy of the State
Disgusting Reality
Tired of Bullshit

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