DEAD 019
Two of the best bands in Sweden right now if you ask me and to have them both share a piece of vinyl just had to happen.
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DEAD 018
KRONOFOGDEN Arbete och/eller fritid LP
With a small step back towards the rawer sound and production of their earlier releases Kronofogden delivers 14 new tracks of raging hardcore punk – pissed off, right on point and excellent!
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DEAD 017
INFEKZIOA Ezin da Alde Egin Sufrimenduaren Zulotik EP 7”
Some of the most honest and crude sounding raw punk noise I’ve heard in a long time. This is intense punk in its purest and most unpolished form.
DEAD 016
DISTORTION FAITH vol.1 comp.tape
All new and, apart from one song, all unreleased stuff from Snøb (Canada), Warchild (Sweden), Bloodsuckers (Russia), Kafka (Japan), Kohti Tuhoa (Finland) and Paranoid (Sweden).
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DEAD 015
KRONOFOGDEN Käftarna Maler 7″
Let me introduce you to your new favorite band! Kronofogden hail from the angry parts of Hudiksvall in the north of Sweden and deliver four high speed hardcore punk ragers on this 7″
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DEAD 014
MASSACRE DIVINE Beijando A Morte 7″
No, it does NOT sound like THAT record. Fofäo Discrust (Besthöven) and Jo (Germ Attak and more) has joined forces to deliver a zipping, ripping mess of sound on this 7″.
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DEAD 013
HUMAN POWER Human Power? 7″
Over the top Kyushu distortion, burning spirits guitars and the menacing whisper of GISM – delivered by a couple of noise punk loving blokes from the UK.
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DEAD 012
WARCOLLAPSE Crap, Scrap and Unforgivable Slaughter 12″EP
One track each from Missbrukarna, Bannlyst, War of Destruction, Rattus and Purrkur Pillnikk has been hijacked and put through the crust as fuck filter that is the Warcollapse sound.
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DEAD 011
PROTESTANT Antagonist 7″EP
Protestant from Wisonsin, USA, deliver three tracks of exploding and brutal hardcore on this new 7″ EP.
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DEAD 010
Two of Sweden’s most powerful bands team up to deliver 11 tracks of bulldozing crustcore.
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DEAD 009
Second LP. Aggressive high-quality Swedish crustcore with a good balance of sharp melodies and extreme heaviness.
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DEAD 008
MASSGRAV Stampa Takten Alla Bokstavsbarn 7″EP
Råpunk! This 7″ is, by the wish of the band, limited to only 200 copies and this is the only vinyl all these eight tracks will appear on.
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DEAD 007
PERSONKRETS 3:1 The Glorious Dead LP
Personkrets 3:1 does on this LP follow up the great “Life is Beautiful” 10″ with 10 tracks of a raging mix of crustcore and classic Swedish råpunk.
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DEAD 006
MASSMORD Inget Liv/Ingen Död LP
The debut offers 11 tracks of downtuned and dark Swedish hardcore with lots of piercing guitar leads, brutal bass lines, whirlwind drumming, and dual fe/male trade-off vocals.
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DEAD 005
WE COME IN PEACE (More World, Less Bank! pt.2) compilation 7″EP
Eight bands – all contributing with unreleased stuff: Protestera, Anatomi-71, Apologia, Personkrets 3:1, Diskonto, and 365 Dagar Av Synd from Sweden, Kuolema and Ensam from Finland.
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DEAD 004
SICK TERROR AjaxFree Re-Masters/Re-monsters 7″EP
Take the intensity of Sick Terror, and mix it all up with the insanity of the Ajaxfree noisemachine and you’ll get a record that will splatter your brains all over the wall.
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CROSSING CHAOS Disgusting Reality 7″
6 Swedish 80’s styled råpunk ragers. The greatness of bands such as Disarm, Anti-Cimex, Moderat Likvidation mixed with later Swedish (Skitsystem) and American (State of Fear) raw hardcore…
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MORE WORLD, LESS BANK compilation 7″EP
Crossing Chaos, Cluster Bomb Unit, Uncle Charles, Murder Disco X, Human Waste, Coma, Lim and Skitsystem. 8 bands, 8 tracks – and all exclusive stuff, it’s a definite winner!
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resist 001
CROSSING CHAOS From the Nearest Liqour Store in Hell 7″
6 tracks of Swedish råpunk á la Sweden 80-something. Strongly influenced by bands like Anti Cimex, Moderat Likvidation, Mob 47 and such.
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