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New stuff: Paranoid, Stress SS, Absolut…

stress ss festAbsolut – Punk Survival LP
Auxilio – s/t LP
Bomb Hoarder – Black Mass Graves tape
Critical Thinking – 盛者必衰 (1st demo) tape
Crutches – FörlOrAD LP
Disease – Another Nuclear Age E.P. tape
Disparage – s/t EP tape
Displease/Besthöven – split tape
Displode – No More Civil Casualties tape
Final Slum War – D-beat Noise Attack Still Continues 2012-2013 tape
Impalers – s/t LP
Kurrakä – s/t LP
Lesion – s/t 7″
Paranoid – Destroy Future Less System MLP
Pissbath – Can’t Stop Noize !! tape
Scumraid – Rip Up tape
Ssyndrom – Aneur-ysma tape
Stress SS – Fest 7″
Zipperhead – demo tape

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