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Massacre Divine – Beijando A Morte 7″ out March 20

Massacre Divine - Beijando A Morte 7"We are now accepting pre-orders for the MASSACRE DIVINE – Beijando A Morte 7″
Release is set to March 20 and we have a limited edition available to those who pre-order. It comes with a patch and a stickered plastic bag and is limited to 60 copies, divided between the two labels, so act fast!

Limited edition is now sold out!

No, it does NOT sound like THAT record.
Fofäo Discrust (Besthöven) and Jo (Germ Attak and more) has joined forces to deliver a zipping, ripping mess of sound on this 7″. Raw and crunchy guitars, rolling basslines and “sloppy” hammering drums – topped off by roaring reverby vocals in English and Portuguese.
Four tracks of raw punk that sounds like a long lost Discharge recording put to tape some time between “Realities of War” and “Fight Back”.
Co-release between Blindead Productions and Nuclear Fear Records. 600 copies pressed.

Listen to the track Kill Who Want’s to Kill You on YouTube

Pre-order HERE

More Blindead Productions news are that we’re about to send away another record to the pressing plant: KRONOFOGDEN – Käftarna Maler 7″
This will go to press in the next 1-2 weeks and the release is schedueled to late April/early May, more info will follow.

Kronofogden hail from the angry parts of Hudiksvall in the north of Sweden and have made a racket since 2009. In 2011 they released their 15-track CD/tape “Rid i natt” and in 2012 their split LP with Inkvisitionen was released. We now have 2013 and and it’s time for these youngsters to get their tunes carved into a 7″ vinyl.
Four tracks of high speed hardcore punk. Three short and pissed off ragers, that range from just under one minute to almost two minutes, and one longer, but equally raging, tune. This is one enforcement officer you want to have knocking on your door. Fogden kommer!

Check out an early “video” of Det finns inte mer on YouTube

Even more news! Late summer/fall Blindead Productions will release a 12″ or LP with Portland raw punx PEROXIDE! Still too early to give many details, but know it will kick ass!

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Get your ass to the mailorder!