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Massacre Divine 7″ now sold out

The Massacre Divine 7″ is now SOLD OUT from me.

You can still try any of these places for copies:
Distroy Records, Ireland
Ektro Records, Finland
Fight Back, Sweden
Gasmask Records, Czech Rep.
Grave Mistake, USA
Havoc, USA
Headnoise, Belarus
I Feel Good, France
Insane Society, Czech Rep.
Johnny Park Avenue, Finland
NAT Records, Japan
Nightstick Justice Records, Finland
Not Enough Records, Sweden
Nuclear Fear, Spain
Opposition Records, Sweden
Phobia Records, Czech Rep.
Power it Up, Germany
Puke N Vomit, USA
Punkdistro, Germany
Rawby Records, Sweden
Regurgitated Semen, Germany
Reset Not Equal Zero, Japan
Rinderhertz, Switzerland
SMRT Records, Sweden
Soap and Spikes, USA
Sorry State, USA
Static Shock, Germany
Vex, Canada
Vulgar Records, Germany
Your Poison, Portugal