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Mailorder update: Ambush, Negative Insight, Chaos UK…

So, I’m still waiting on those Anti Cimex re-issues to arrive, but since a lot of new and great stuff has arrived I thought it better to update with what I have instead of waiting too long.

Here’s what’s new this time around:

Negative Insight #2 with Chaos UK 7"Ambush – 4 track flexi
Disable – Blitzkrieg Night cassette EP
Hellexist – Age of Death tape
Inebrious Bastard/Terrorist – split 7″
Kruel – Noise not Music tape
Mary’s Kids – Crust Soup – The Singles Collection 2006-2013 CD
Mesk – Jag är ett problem 7″
Negative Insight #2 with Chaos UK 7″
Reklamation – Namnlös EP 7″
Swordwielder – Demo tape
The Brood – Defective 7″

Follow this link to the mailorder