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Full Infekzioa 7″ on bandcamp + Create to Destroy

As of yesterday the full Infekzioa – Ezin da Alde Egin Sufrimenduaren Zulotik 7″ is available for streaming over at the Blindead bandcamp.

For your convenience, here’s a player:

We’re getting all famous and shit. Amelia was nice enough to interview Blindead Productions for the latest Create to Destroy over at Maximum Rocknroll

I got answered a few questions and answered them way too late for what’s normal courtesy, but now this has been published for the world to read.

Initially I was credited as being a member of both Sex Dwarf and Infekzioa and while I can’t say I had a problem with people believing I was in those two awesome bands I asked them to change it. Just in case anyone read it before the change I felt I wanted to clarify.