Distortion Faith

Distortion Faith is a hardcore punk fanzine done by Krogh (Blindead Productions) and Jocke (D-takt & Råpunk). Issues #1 through #5 also included Kårén (SMRT Records).

We have no set agenda or big plan, we simply want to make a zine that we ourselves would like to read, no krångel!

All available issues can be bought through the Blindead Mailorder and a bunch of international distros.

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Distortion Faith #6

Distortion Faith #6 April 2014
36 pages, 500 copies, sold out

Issue six holds interviews with noise punk buzzers Nekromantiker, råpunk rampagers Ydinaseeton Pohjola, American evildoers Hellgasm and classic ragers Siege (conducted by Per Thunell). Jocke discuss records with a few suspect punks, Krogh sum up the year of 2013 with his best of lists and we look forward in the brand new section called “A look at tomorrow”, where we check in with a whole bunch of bands to hear their plans for the year. In this issue we also introduce the comics of Janne Karlsson that will be a returning feature in the zine, and let’s not forget the always great photos courtesy of Chris Agitate. 36 pages, all in English.

Distortion Faith #5

Distortion Faith #5 June 2013
36 pages, 500 copies, buy here

The fifth issue of Distortion Faith is released just under one year after the first issue was launched and includes interviews with Dischange, Massacre Divine, SPHC Records, Daryl Kahan (Citizens Arrest, Forced Expression, Disma, Taste of Fear etc.) and a quick check-in with Eli Arrington who’s responsible for this issues cover. Throw in some photos and another installment of Fast & Loud and we total 36 pages of hardcore punk.

Distortion Faith 4

Distortion Faith #4 February 2013
32 pages, 500 copies, buy here

32 pages filled to the very edges of hardcore punk rock. An extensive Terrible Feelings 2012 tour diary, a re-used Tatuerade Snutkukar interview and three new fresh ones with US raw punks Peroxide, Suomi-punks Vaarallinen from Singapore and the unpolished Swedish unit Honnör SS. Lastly we also included a couple of best-of-2012 lists and once again some photos courtesy of Chris Agitate. It all comes graced with some great cover art made by Andy of Endless Grinning Skulls/Viral Age Records.

Distortion Faith #3 October 2012
36 pages, 500 copies, buy here

36 pages of hardcore punk, including interviews with Turist i Tillvaron, Kronofogden, Utanförskapet, Nü-kle-ar Blast Suntan, D-Clone, Skizophrenia and Hondartzako Hondakinak. But wait, there’s more… A Makabert Fynd tour diary from their August 2012 trip, an August 2012 studio diary from Warvictims, some additional writings and a couple of photo pages courtesy of Chris Agitate. And let’s not forget the cool drawn cover made by Ruben of Svart Städhjälp. A mighty fine issue if we may say so ourselves.

Distortion Faith #2

Distortion Faith #2 September 2012
24 pages, 500 copies, sold out

This time around we’re chatting with Crash Mange, Åke, Svart Städhjälp, Korsfäst and Annihilation Radio, plus Massgrav give us a report on their trip to play “Play fast or don’t 9” in the Czech Republic. Then we added some rants and other crap and got ourselves a 24-paged zine together!

Distortion Faith #1

Distortion Faith #1 July 2012
20 pages, 500 copies, sold out

20 pages of interviews with Nerv, Acute, Effluxus, Sex Dwarf, Human Power, De:Nihil Records, Hardcore Survives, Sjuka Signaler and Lögnhalsmottagningen. Plus some additional writings and photos.

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