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Bells of Doom Toll

Here’s a nice little review done by Bells of Doom Toll:

Sent to me from Blindead, this is a fun project band with a modern take on G.I.S.M., recorded in 2004. This EP was originally released in a low quantity (200, I believe), but is available again, but in a better quantity this time (500), thanks to Blindead Productions from Sweden. The sound of this record will probably annoy many people that hear it, but for G.I.S.M. fans, it may be a different story: from the vocals that are mixed way too loud to the shitty sounding overfuzzed guitar. Beyond the initial impression of “shitty sound,” these are actually 4 well crafted songs with layered guitars and vocals that probably took a good amount of time and effort to get to sound the way they do. People seem to be releasing a lot of “project” records these days. It doesn’t bother me one bit, especially when I like it. Cool record, I am into it, this is a keeper for me.
4 / 5 bells

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Maximum Rocknroll

Maximum Rocknroll has good taste indeed!

Menacing, creepy and noisy metal punk. It’s like an updated G.I.S.M. with a D-beat backbone and Burning Spirits guitar. HUMAN POWER has the same seething hatred as a G.I.S.M. track, like “Shoot to Kill” where it’s fodder for your inner fury. This is extremely well done in a perfectly gruesome, noisy punk wet dreamy kind of way. (AE)

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Human Power worldwide

Here’s a list of distros/mailorders that carry the Human Power 7″:

540 Records – USA
Beach Impediment – USA
Bombs Away – Norway
Bong – Holland
De Graanrepubliek – Holland
Havoc Records – USA
Insane Society – Chech Rep.
Nakkeskudd Plater – Norway
Nat Records – Japan
Noise Punk Records – UK
Not Enough – Sweden
Not Very Nice – USA
Punk and Destroy – Japan
Rust and Machine – USA
Shogun – France
SMRT – Sweden
Sorry State – USA

More trades/sales in progress. The printers fucked up a bunch of the covers so right now we’re waiting on a (delayed) shipment of new covers. Should have been here a week ago, but nothing yet.

Still a few of the limited edition left.

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The first review is in! It’s in Swedish, but the grade 8/10 is international.

“Tänk GISM i ett samförstånd med Zouo, och då är det inte bara rent musikaliskt, för även när det kommer till sången så är den sådär brötig och udda som många japanska band just lyckas med, och det ligger lika mycket hjärta där som i gitarrerna.”

Read the whole thing at Lukinzine.

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Punk Radio

The always great Annihilation Radio played “Disgust” from the Human Power 7″ on their last show, and it’s their “track of the week”. So head over to right now to listen/download. Just look at the tracklist from the show – killer!

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Human Power 7″ out now!

Today it’s released, the 7″ I’ve wanted to release for about 7-8 years!

Human Power – Human Power? 7″
Four track 7″ originally released in 2004 in only 200 copies, but has deserved to be reissued ever since. Over the top Kyushu distortion, burning spirits guitars and the menacing whisper of GISM – delivered by a couple of noise punk loving blokes from the UK.

Head over to the Mailorder to buy your copy – limited edition still available.

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Human Power limited pre-order edition

We’re now taking pre-orders for the next release on Blindead Productions: Human Power – Human Power? 7″.

The limited edition comes with an extra, hand numbered, sleeve with different artwork – only 50 copies made.
This 7″ will be released on May 3rd and then the regular version will be available too.

Pre-order it here or read more about the record here.