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Best of 2016

Here it is, the list you’ve all been waiting for! Delayed of course, but whatever…

This year I feel like I’ve missed a lot of great records, even though I can’t pin point exactly which these records are right now. But I guess I’ll have to catch up in 2017. I also feel that 2016 wasn’t as good a year in records as 2015 was. But again, I know I’ve missed a few that probably could/should have ended up on this list.

But still, the ones listed here are in no way fillers, they’re all great and I’ve listened to them a lot.

Both lists are in order – because I think it’s more fun (and harder) that way, not because it really matters. The order might change with mood obviously, but at the moment this feels right. And just for the record, the 7″ list is probably more subject to change than the 12″/LP list.

And yeah, I’m too lazy to make in depth comments on the releases this time, so I went for a one-sentence-review thing. Anyway, here we go…

Best of 2016 on SEVEN inches:

[La Vida Es Un Mus]
It took this bastard one listen to enter the top 10 and two listens to grab the number 1 spot. That says a lot!

[Desolate Records/Static Age Musik]
Life crash into you at maximum speed. Instinct of Survival crush whatever’s left of you into grubble.

[Kick Rock]
Thrashing authentic Japanese hardcore!

RIXE Les Nerfs a Vif 7″
[La Vida Es Un Mus]
Catchy and rough and even better than their first 7″.

G.L.O.S.S. Trans Day of Revenge 7″
[Sabotage Records]
What can I say, the band deserved the hype.

FRAMTID The Horrific Visions 7″
[Brain Solvent Propaganda]
A release by Framtid is guaranteed a spot on the year-end list, and this monster doesn’t do anything to change that.

[Beastly Clad Records]
I could have done without the new-wave-ish opening on The Savages track, other than that – top notch, catchy, speedy, snotty punk!

VAASKA Futuro Primitivo 7″
[Vox Populi]
The perfect mix Spanish, Swedish and Finnish hardcore.

[Pike Records]
Sweden 1983 in 2016!

[Warthog Speak Records]
Chaos! Fast, loud and noisy hardcore – nothing wrong with that.

KORROSIVE Syövyttävä Laji 7″
[Distort Reality]
Finland 1983 in Oakland 2016.

CHAOS U.K. Shit Man Fucker 7″
[540 Records]
Not really the sound of their classic material, but still, I listened to this a lot the last year.

Best of 2016 on TWELVE inches:

GLORIOUS? Who are They to Impose Restrictions? LP
[Adult Crash]
Kängnäve pumpin’ Malmö raw punk attack!

BOMBUS Repeat Until Death LP
[Century Media]
So much groove. So much heavy. So much good.

[Adult Crash/New Dark Age]
This could just as well have grabbed the first or second spot. Catchy angst out of K-town.

POISON IDEA Calling all Ghosts 12″
[American Leather Records]
What can I say? They still know how to deliver the goods. Or rather knew how to deliver as they’ve called it quits. Again.

[Feral Ward]
Great hardcore raw punk from Boston with vocals that remind me of No Security – how can you go wrong?

[Farewell Records/Desolate Records/Anomie]
Blazing burning spirits hardcore punk out of Minneapolis. Could be the best non-Japanese band since Selfish to ever nail this style!?

[Brain Solvent Propaganda]
Anti-nuke, anti-police, anti-religion, pro-punk – go pogo. Religious Trrrrrr!

URSUT Köp dig lycklig LP
[Phobia Records/Not Enough Records]
10 hard hitting tracks that alternate between furious hardcore punk and rumbling d-beat. Don’t ask me to motive why this isn’t higher up on the list, because I can’t.

SVAVELDIOXID Ändlös mardröm LP
[Konton Crasher/Phobia Records]
For an endless nightmare, my only complaint is that it’s too short. No krångel Swedish käng.

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Lost e-mail

For some reason my entire e-mail Inbox just got emptied, so if you have e-mailed me and are waiting for a reply, please write again.
I know I had a bunch I haven’t answered yet, both new and old.

No orders have been affected though, even if some of those mails were lost, but all that is saved in the shop.


Min inkorg i mailprogrammet tömdes helt och hållet av någon anledning nyss. Så om du mailat och väntar på svar får du gärna maila igen. Jag vet att jag hade ett gäng mail jag inte svarat på än, både nytt och gammalt.

Inga beställningar har dock påverkats av detta även om ett par mail med ännu inte betalda beställningar försvann, men all den infon finns i shoppen också så det är lugnt.

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Best of 2014

It’s a new year and it’s time to look back on what 2014 gave and also wish you all a great 2015.

The lists below is my year in records and as far as that goes it’s been a pretty great year. I haven’t included my own releases but I’m obviously extremely proud to have been a part of the excellent Infekzioa 7″, and the Distortion Faith tape turned out way better than I could ever have hoped for. The zine… yeah, it’s been a bit slow, but we’re not dead yet so be on the lookout in 2015.

Other than that two of my personal highlights this year has of course been the Sex Dwarf tours of Finland and North America – I can’t thank the guys enough for letting me tag along on those trips, watching so many great bands and finally meeting many of the people I’ve known for many years but never met in person. And getting to know all my new friends as well of course. Thank you!

As always, not everyone likes to rank records – but somehow I think it’s more fun for myself to rank them. It forces me to really give them undivided attention. And I like making lists. And listening to (mostly) hardcore punk. There were more great records of course and I guess I could go on forever, as you’ll notice further down, but whatever. Enough rambling and let’s get on with it…

Best of 2014: 12″/LP

Sex Dwarf - Non-stop Erotic Noise Cabaret LP

1. SEX DWARF Non Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret LP
D-takt & Råpunk/Konton Crasher
They did it again, and who’s surprised? 15 tracks (16 if you count “March of the Sex Dwarf” from the flexi that came with the limited version) of wonderful, earpiercing noise. The guitars are buzzing, hissing and shrieking. The bass is rumbling, rolling and almost equally buzzing. The drums are whipped, smashed and hammered into oblivion. The reverb-y vocals bouncing around like a mentalpatient in a padded cell, screaming and roaring. If you where to frantically shake a big jar of bees and then drop a mic into it and shake it even more, then you’d get a sound similar to what Sex Dwarf present on this LP.

Listen: Bandcamp
Buy: Blindead mailorder

Long Knife - Meditations on Self Destruction LP

2. LONG KNIFE Meditations on Self Destruction LP
Long Knife
For a long time I opened my argument for the Sex Dwarf LP with “the undisputed number one”, then this one came out and really gave them a run for their money. In other words – this LP is fucking awesome! Not a dull moment on here, every track hits the nail right on the head – no matter if they go for a full blown hardcore attack or a slower, almost blues-y, tune. I know the Poison Idea reference is getting old by now, but I need to bring it out once more as I think this is the perfect follow up to “Feel the Darkness”. For me this one is a true future classic and if kids aren’t seeking out this in 15 years time something’s wrong.

Listen: Soundcloud

Heavy Nukes - s/t 12"

3. HEAVY NUKES 2nd EP 12″
Rawmantic Disasters/Static Age
There’s so much early 80’s Swedish hardcore råpunk over the 12″ it should almost be disqualified as this is a list over best records in 2014. But, then again, that’s exactly why this lands as high as it does. Like a perfect råpunk record it needs no in depth analysis, it’s just intense, roaring hardcore – primitive perfection. Add this to your playlist of Skitslickers and early Cimex.

Listen: YouTube

Napalm A.D. - s/t LP

4. NAPALM A.D. s/t LP
This is pretty much Totalitär, but with Mattis (Makabert Fynd, Dissekerad etc.) on drums if I’m not mistaken. My motivation for having this on the list is… this is pretty much Totalitär, but with… yeah, you know. If you know anything about hardcore punk you know that Totalitär was one of the absolute best bands to emerge from Sweden, and so when the same people start a new band that sounds similar… of course it’s one of the best records that year! My only complaint is that the intro and outro feel like fillers and I would have liked a couple more real songs.

Listen: YouTube

Infekzioa/Dispose - split 12"

Rawmantic Disasters
I released a 7″ with Infekzioa myself, so I don’t think I have to say too much about their side, do I? I talked about primitive perfection when I wrote about the Heavy Nukes 12″ and this is the exact same thing, just with a different sound as they’re rather inspired by old 80’s hardcore from southern Europe than Sweden. Like I’ve said every time I’ve described the 7″ I released: Some of the most honest and crude sounding raw punk noise I’ve heard in a long time. This is intense punk in its purest and most unpolished form.
Dispose continue with their Disclose worship, and as usual they deliver. The difference between this one and their previous outputs is that this has a darker and somewhat muddier sound, and I prefer the crisp and more piercing sound of previous releases better. Still, this is good and filthy rawpunk.
The Infekzioa tracks alone would land them a third place, but as a whole this split lands on fifth.

Listen: YouTube
Buy: Blindead mailorder

System Fucker - s/t LP

Distort Reality
Hell, the name alone warrants them a spot on any top-10 lists, that they deliver raging, noisy, crashing Japanese raw hardcore punk doesn’t exactly hurt their case either. This whole record is like a car crash in any Hollywood action movie, you know the ones that just won’t stop – it keeps going, speeding up, exploding, wrecking havoc…

Buy: Blindead mailorder

Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun 2xLP

7. MASTODON Once More ‘Round the Sun 2xLP
The one that breaks the pattern. I discovered Mastodon very late, it was just before “The Hunter” came out that I listened to “Crack the Skye”. I didn’t know then if I liked it or not, but I wanted more for some reason. Picked up a “Leviathan” and “Blood Mountain” also and slowly started to get into it. Not completely hooked, but hooked enough to stay with the band. Glad I did, cause this one is just great and their best one if you ask me. I guess that just as punk was a revolt to all these bands doing loooong “exploring” and “experimental” songs – listening to Mastodon is my own small revolt to 2 minute screaming punk tracks. Or it’s just a good record.

Gas Rag - Beats Off 12"

8. GAS RAG Beats Off 12″
Even Worse
Fast, intense and pissed off American hardcore with loads of ripping and catchy riffs. That alone might not say much if you haven’t heard it, but it’s enough to put it on this list. It’s sad to see that this band is no more, but at least there’s one last EP lined up for January.

Listen: YouTube
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Zyanose - Putrid Sick Society LP

9. ZYANOSE Putrid Sick Society LP
Brain Solvent Propaganda
Full blown insanity as always – it’s just chaos, noise, distortion and destruction. What I said last year about their “Why There Grieve?” LP still goes: The distortion, the feedback, the manic drumming, the roaring/yelling/shrieking vocals – it’s all just a wonderful sonic beating on the senses.

Process - Our Future? What Future? 12"

10. PROCESS Our Future? What Future? 12″
Urgent Warning
No messing around, no unnessecary fillers, no metallic leads… straight forward raw hardcore punk in the dis-tradition, stripped down to the essentials of the style.

Listen: YouTube
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Best of 2014: 7″

Sex Dwarf/Warthreat - split 7"

Crucificados Pelo Sistema
I guess it’s time to face the facts, as long as Sex Dwarf are around they’re gonna top the lists. Not that I’m complaining, rather stating the obvious.
What about Warthreat then, are they just hitching a ride to the number one spot? Hell no! Devastating, loud and rumbling raw punk with the right amount of chaos. While I personally think Sex Dwarf is the better of the two, this is one of those splits where I’ve definitely given both sides the same amount of spins.
While you’re at it, you need to pick up the “And the Children” 7″ (Konton Crasher) by Warthreat as well, a 7″ that would’ve made it on this list by itself if they hadn’t done the split – now I can ’cause myself less headache and just let it slide in here.

Listen: Bandcamp

Infernöh/Nomad - split 7"

2. INFERNÖH/NOMAD split 7″
Brain Solvent Propaganda/Rawmantic Disasters
With the exception of one or two, to pick out the 10 that would make this list turned out to be a lot harder than I first anticipated, impossible in fact as I’m listing more than 10. To place them in some sort of order that felt right… fuck! I’ve moved these up and down a lot and I guess it’s safe to say that the top five have all at one point been the number one.
Infernöh have never disappointed me and I doubt they ever will, their full force råpunk attack is flawlessly executed and everything they’ve put out so far have been top-3 material.
It took me some time to get into Nomad to be honest, but this split is what did it. I think it’s the vocals that fooled me at first, making this sound less raw than what it actually is. Now I appreciate the fact that they don’t have the typical raw punk screaming but instead a more, for lack of a better word, honest delivery. Whatever, it’s punk chaos and I like it.

Listen: Soundcloud

Hävittäjät - s/t 7"

3. HÄVITTÄJÄT s/t 7″
Hardcore Victim
Amazing, classic 1982 sounding, Finnish hardcore punk – from Australia. Bouncy, catchy and raw in a way that makes me both clench my fist and get all excited at the same time. An impossible record not to sing along and/or bounce around to. I want more stuff, now!

Long Knife - Possession 7" Long Knife/Forward - split 7"

4. LONG KNIFE Possession 7″
Long Knife
Long Knife
“Possession” ends up further down than I thought it would to be honest, but look at the stuff above it and you’ll get one piece of the puzzle. And then listen to the LP and you’ll understand why this dropped a few places. Still a great fucking 7″, but with that LP at hand I have to be honest and say that the spins this has been given have dropped quite a bit.
I got the split just the other day so I haven’t had a chance to listen enough to write too much, but enough to know it has qualities that allows me to let it share this fourth place. Long Knife delivers what I want them to deliver and Forward have delivered since 1988. Exactly how this holds up to their extensive catalog is too early to tell.

Listen: YouTube

Lastly - Crazy Fucked Up Deadly Local 7"

5. LASTLY Crazy Fucked Up Deadly Local 7″
Hardcore Survives
Fully blown-out hardcore punk noise chaos! This is just a beautiful presentation of total destruction. What can I… no, what NEED I say more? Nothing!

Buy: Blindead mailorder

Raw Distractions - Raw Fight E.P. 7"

Hardcore Survives
While all three tracks on here makes this one what it is, it’s the closing “Raw Dis” that really nails it. Extremely catchy and speedy, but not without rawness. Those sharp guitarleads, throughout the whole 7″, are impossible not to get caught by. Blast it and pogo!

Buy: Blindead mailorder

Eel - Endless Fucker 7"

7. EEL Endless Fucker 7″
Even Worse
I’ve listened a lot to this 7″ since it came out, but after seeing the band a number of times about a month back I now fully understand the power of the destruction unit that is Eel. Insane, intense, catchy, raw and fucking punk!
I also have to mention the split 7″ with Pissbath (Mind Cure) here ’cause you’ll need to pick that one up as well. It’s noisier and more lo-fi but equally good (or better, depending on who you ask). Pissbath has a slight Lebenden Toten thing going on and that’s never bad.

Listen: Bandcamp
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Aspects of War - The Presence of Death 7" Contrast Attitude/Aspects of War - split 7"

8. ASPECTS OF WAR The Presence of Death 7″
Brain Solvent Propaganda
Konton Crasher
I’m gonna cheat here as well, as I did with the Long Knife records above, and put these two together, for the simple reason that for every time I’ve listened to one of them, I’ve had to listen to the other as well. This is of course mainly due to the fact that I’ve had an urge for Aspects of War, but to get the added bonus of two ripping Contrast Attitude songs can not in any way be a bad thing. They haven’t managed to top their “Stand Up and Fight Now!” 7″ from last year, but that’s too much to ask really.
The words “buzzing” and “chainsaw” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to describe the guitars of noisy hardcore punk bands, but the opening guitars on “This is Hell” (on “The Prescence of Death”) is truly that, and in a sort of lo-fi way. Then the drums start pounding in a steady mid-tempo beat and I fall in love, I’ve always been a sucker for those type of stompers. I’d say the Aspects of War tracks on the split puts the emphasis on insanity, while their own 7″ goes more for the raw pounding sound.

Listen: Soundcloud

S.H.I. - Lucifer Rising 7"

9. S.H.I. Lucifer Rising 7″
Crust War
From the first listen I knew I would keep on listening to this – over and over again. I loved their first one and I love this one. Metallic, creepy and industrial sounding punk with a nice GISM/Zouo feel to it, at least on the A side. Flip it over and they crank up the industrial influences in the title track with a driving, rhythmic and quite electronic sounding track. It’s almost happy sounding, but evil all the same.

Ambush - 4 track flexi

10. AMBUSH 4 track flexi
Brain Solvent Propaganda
The more I listen to this one, the more I realize that I should have listened to it a lot more. I think this band conscist of a few people from Aspects of War as well as Andy from Brain Solvent Propaganda, maybe someone else, I’m not too sure. As far as quality goes it doesn’t really matter, but the Aspects of War connection is worth mentioning as there are a few similarities in here, only somewhat more chaotic and noisy.

Listen: Soundcloud
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Urbanoia - Psykisk Terror 7"

11. URBANOIA Psykisk Terror 7″
D-takt & Råpunk/Solar Funeral
I discovered Norwegian hardcore pretty early on in my youth and it has stuck with me since then. I can’t say we’re graced by too many bands from our neighbour to the west, so when a band like Urbanoia find their way to my turntable I’m very grateful. They’re building on the classic sound of Svart Framtid, Kafka Process, Bannlyst etc. but are adding a touch of old US hardcore as well – making it a tad more straight forward.

Listen: Bandcamp
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Dissekerad - Attack 7"

12. DISSEKERAD Attack 7″
D-Takt & Råpunk/Skrammel/Phobia
I don’t know, I guess this deserves a place much higher up on the list, but instead of what? I want to move this up, but can’t move anything down. Shit. Anyway, it’s just a list of great music and positions doesn’t matter too much. Real quality Swedish hardcore and the comparisons to Totalitär are of course not far away when you have Poffen on vocals, but it’s not just that – the riffs are also leaning that way. So, do I have to say much more? No, don’t think so.

Listen: Bandcamp
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Full Infekzioa 7″ on bandcamp + Create to Destroy

As of yesterday the full Infekzioa – Ezin da Alde Egin Sufrimenduaren Zulotik 7″ is available for streaming over at the Blindead bandcamp.

For your convenience, here’s a player:

We’re getting all famous and shit. Amelia was nice enough to interview Blindead Productions for the latest Create to Destroy over at Maximum Rocknroll

I got answered a few questions and answered them way too late for what’s normal courtesy, but now this has been published for the world to read.

Initially I was credited as being a member of both Sex Dwarf and Infekzioa and while I can’t say I had a problem with people believing I was in those two awesome bands I asked them to change it. Just in case anyone read it before the change I felt I wanted to clarify.

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D-takt & Råpunk donation update

Time to report. As you all know D-takt & Råpunk was struck with a flooding disaster a while back. Many stepped up and wanted to help Jocke and I decided to give 50% on all sold Blindead Productions t-shirts in August to him. I sold a total of 5 shirts, which would be about €27/$35, but I felt that was too little so I decided to double it and give it all, €54/$70, to Jocke. It’s still not so much but hopefully it helps a bit.
So thanks to those who bought a shirts and know that all your money went to the right place. It feels nice that we together could do something to help out a friend.

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D-takt & Råpunk disaster

Go help Jocke!

“Records and merch, tour/band gifts and parts of my private collection is totally drenched, ruined and must be discarded at a value of around: 41.200€ / $54.900 / 35.200£ / 5.650.000YEN
and my insurance covers only: 5100€ / $6800 / 4000£ / 700.000YEN
because our stock is located in a storage room. I dont know/think I will survive this personal and economic crisis. And as it seems, this might be the end of D-takt & Råpunk Records. When a damage such as this strikes against a d.i.y punk label its hard to get back in the ring again. I could really need all your help and support right now. Feel free to get in touch if you think that you can help us out in any way. More information will follow as soon as i know more about this total mess. I really hate to beg and ask for favours and I would not do it if I absolutely not needed.
I need some sleep, been working day and night for two days straight in a row now. I will try my best to keep the punk spirit up, but at the same time I must admit that it feels pretty fucking hopeless right now.

The label, distro and everything around it will be closed indefinitely until I got a better overview of the whole situation. Thanks for all your support!”

If you can help, there’s a site set up where you can make donations:

Also, 50% of all income on sold Blindead Productions t-shirts during August will go to Jocke to help out with the financial problems. Click here to order a t-shirt.

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Back from the Sex Dwarf tour

I’m back from driving Sex Dwarf on their European tour. It was a great two weeks and I want to thank the band for a great time, and all the great people I met while out – both new and old friends. I hope to see you all again soon!

There are a few videos and photos from the tour online, and here’s a video I shot from the Play Fast or Don’t Afterparty in Prague:

Their 7″ will be out soon on D-takt & Råpunk Records. I will of course have copies, and it’s a fucking killer record that’s well worth the wait!

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Sex Dwarf European tour

Europe, prepare yourself for the march of the Sex Dwarf!
I will be driving the band on their European tour July 13 – 24. This means that no orders will be shipped during this period. The mailorder will still be up and running, but all paid orders will get packed and shipped when I get back.

Saturday, 13 – TBA Denmark/Northern Germany Help!!
Sunday, 14 – Boschhuis Pino-Squat, Groningen, Holland
Monday, 15 – TBA Holland Help!!
Tuesday, 16 – Pirate Bar Den Haag, Holland w/Nekromantiker
Wednesday, 17 – Liege, Belgium w/Vvovnds+Cocaine Piss
Thursday, 18 – TBA Belgium/Germany on the way to PFOD festival. Help!!!
Friday, 19 – Day-Off @ Play Fast Or Dont Fest Červenec Airport, Czech republic
Saturday, 20 – Play Fast Or Dont Fest Červenec Airport, Czech republic
Sunday, 21 – Play Fast Or Dont-Afterparty Prague, Czech Republic w/Iskra, Death Toll 80k, Perikato, Holy Extermination
Monday, 22 – Koma F Berlin, Germany w/Earth Crust Displacement+Guyana Death Tape
Tuesday, 23 – Leipzig, Germany w/Deathtoll 80K+Perikato
Wednesday, 24 – Nya Kanten,Malmö w/Visions of War, Korsfäst, Crutches

Still need help for gig:
Saturday 13 July Denmark/Northern Germany (Hamburg)
Monday 15 July Holland
Thurday 18 July Germany on our wat to Play Fast or Dont-fest Czech republic

Thanks to all people that have tried their best to fill our gaps, we really appreciate it.