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Kronofogden – Käftarna Maler 7″ pre-order

Kronofogden - Käftarna Maler 7" limited editionThe release date is set – on May 27 this rager will be let loose.

Kronofogden – Käftarna Maler 7″ limited edition with a Fogden cut-out doll.

Pre-order limited edition here.

Four tracks of high speed hardcore punk. Three short and pissed off ragers, that range from just under one minute to almost two minutes, and one longer, but equally raging, tune. This is one enforcement officer you want to have knocking on your door.

Kronofogden hail from the angry parts of Hudiksvall in the north of Sweden and have made a racket since 2009. In 2011 they released their 15-track CD/tape “Rid i natt” and in 2012 their split LP with Inkvisitionen was released. We now have 2013 and and it’s time for these youngsters to get their tunes carved into a 7″ vinyl.


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Arbete och/eller fritid LP pre-order

So, it’s Valentines day and you know I ain’t got nothing but love for you.

So in the name of love and consumerism the Kronofogden – Arbete och/eller fritid LP is now available for pre-order.

Pre-order here

Kronofogden - Arbete och/eller fritid LP regular version Kronofogden - Arbete och/eller fritid LP limited edition Kronofogden - Arbete och/eller fritid LP limited edition + t-shirt bundle

With a small step back towards the rawer sound and production of their earlier releases Kronofogden delivers 14 new tracks of raging hardcore punk – pissed off, right on point and excellent!

Musically they manage the legacy of classic Hudik hardcore well and combine it with a slab of 80’s US hardcore and good old-fashioned anger and frustration.

Speaking of classic Hudik hardcore, they’re not only influenced by it, they also pay tribute to it – featuring a couple of guests you might have heard from before. Lenny who does all the art also grabs a guitar for one track and both Rolf and Hazze from Missbrukarna join on vocals and guitar on a couple of tracks.

Comes with with a full-sized, 16-paged, comic book as well as a 4-paged insert with lyrics, art and photos.

Limited edition available
Comes with and extra hand numbered fold-over cover, 100 copies made.

I’ve also put together a bundle with the limited edition + t-shirt for those interested. The t-shirt will be sold separately later on if there are any left, but the bundle will save you money.

Regular version: click here
Limited edition: click here
Bundle: click here

To celebrate this wonderful day we’ve also added two new tracks for streaming: 2013 and Fördumning for Dummies


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