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Best of 2016

Here it is, the list you’ve all been waiting for! Delayed of course, but whatever…

This year I feel like I’ve missed a lot of great records, even though I can’t pin point exactly which these records are right now. But I guess I’ll have to catch up in 2017. I also feel that 2016 wasn’t as good a year in records as 2015 was. But again, I know I’ve missed a few that probably could/should have ended up on this list.

But still, the ones listed here are in no way fillers, they’re all great and I’ve listened to them a lot.

Both lists are in order – because I think it’s more fun (and harder) that way, not because it really matters. The order might change with mood obviously, but at the moment this feels right. And just for the record, the 7″ list is probably more subject to change than the 12″/LP list.

And yeah, I’m too lazy to make in depth comments on the releases this time, so I went for a one-sentence-review thing. Anyway, here we go…

Best of 2016 on SEVEN inches:

[La Vida Es Un Mus]
It took this bastard one listen to enter the top 10 and two listens to grab the number 1 spot. That says a lot!

[Desolate Records/Static Age Musik]
Life crash into you at maximum speed. Instinct of Survival crush whatever’s left of you into grubble.

[Kick Rock]
Thrashing authentic Japanese hardcore!

RIXE Les Nerfs a Vif 7″
[La Vida Es Un Mus]
Catchy and rough and even better than their first 7″.

G.L.O.S.S. Trans Day of Revenge 7″
[Sabotage Records]
What can I say, the band deserved the hype.

FRAMTID The Horrific Visions 7″
[Brain Solvent Propaganda]
A release by Framtid is guaranteed a spot on the year-end list, and this monster doesn’t do anything to change that.

[Beastly Clad Records]
I could have done without the new-wave-ish opening on The Savages track, other than that – top notch, catchy, speedy, snotty punk!

VAASKA Futuro Primitivo 7″
[Vox Populi]
The perfect mix Spanish, Swedish and Finnish hardcore.

[Pike Records]
Sweden 1983 in 2016!

[Warthog Speak Records]
Chaos! Fast, loud and noisy hardcore – nothing wrong with that.

KORROSIVE Syövyttävä Laji 7″
[Distort Reality]
Finland 1983 in Oakland 2016.

CHAOS U.K. Shit Man Fucker 7″
[540 Records]
Not really the sound of their classic material, but still, I listened to this a lot the last year.

Best of 2016 on TWELVE inches:

GLORIOUS? Who are They to Impose Restrictions? LP
[Adult Crash]
Kängnäve pumpin’ Malmö raw punk attack!

BOMBUS Repeat Until Death LP
[Century Media]
So much groove. So much heavy. So much good.

[Adult Crash/New Dark Age]
This could just as well have grabbed the first or second spot. Catchy angst out of K-town.

POISON IDEA Calling all Ghosts 12″
[American Leather Records]
What can I say? They still know how to deliver the goods. Or rather knew how to deliver as they’ve called it quits. Again.

[Feral Ward]
Great hardcore raw punk from Boston with vocals that remind me of No Security – how can you go wrong?

[Farewell Records/Desolate Records/Anomie]
Blazing burning spirits hardcore punk out of Minneapolis. Could be the best non-Japanese band since Selfish to ever nail this style!?

[Brain Solvent Propaganda]
Anti-nuke, anti-police, anti-religion, pro-punk – go pogo. Religious Trrrrrr!

URSUT Köp dig lycklig LP
[Phobia Records/Not Enough Records]
10 hard hitting tracks that alternate between furious hardcore punk and rumbling d-beat. Don’t ask me to motive why this isn’t higher up on the list, because I can’t.

SVAVELDIOXID Ändlös mardröm LP
[Konton Crasher/Phobia Records]
For an endless nightmare, my only complaint is that it’s too short. No krångel Swedish käng.

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Mailorder news: Martyrdöd, Oi Polloi, H.I.C. Systeemi…

hicsysteemi_frontAnstalt – Knives 7″
Bad Dreams Always – Inavelns maktkorridor 7″
Destrucktions – Complete Destrucktions LP
H.I.C. Systeemi – Total Blackout LP
Kylmä Sota/Death With A Dagger – split 7″
Martyrdöd – List LP
Oi Polloi – Saorsa LP
Silminnäkijä/MKHC – split 7″
Tuomittujen Juhla – 1983/84 LP
Vivisektio – 1984 LP

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And don’t miss out as it’s the last days of the SALE!

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News, pre-order and SALE

kriegshog-st-7A few new titles added to the shop this time, including the pre-orders for the Disrupt – Discography 4xLP box set. I have a very limited number of these and I will only stock them once, so when they’re gone they’re gone.

Since these last 6-9 months have been a bit low in activity from my side I thought I’d try and get things back to business as usual again with a “Two” Week SALE – move some titles and get funds to pick up more new stuff. So help me kickstart 2017 with a bang and buy some cheap records! Please.

Avskum – s/t 2xLP
Barcelona – Pueden Ser Ellos 7″
Call the Cops – Bastards LP
Contingent Anonyme/Torquemada – split 7″
Disrupt – Discography 4xLP Box PRE-ORDER
Kriegshög – s/t 7″
Rixe – Les Nerfs A Vif 7″
Semi – Go Viral 7″
Suppose It’s War/Arrach – split LP
Ultra – España Invertebrada 7″


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And since we’re nearing the end of the year and christmas and all that is coming up, there are some dates you need to keep in mind to make sure things arrive in time. Note that this is no guarantee, but it’s the dates provided by PostNord.

Brev (upp till 2kg) – senast 21 december
Paket (beror på storlek) – senast 20 december

Up to 2kg – December 5 at the latest
Packages – December 12 at the latest

December 5 at the latest, no matter size/weight

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New arrivals: Barashi, Instinct of Survival, Heavy Metal…

Life / Instinct of Survival - split 7"Barashi – The Spirit of Flames Lives on 7″
Discharge – War is Hell LP
External Menace – The Process of Elimination LP
Gas – Sargasm 7″
Heavy Metal – s/t LP
Kansalaistottelemattomuus – s/t LP
Krank – Ins Verderben LP
Life/Instinct of Survival – split 7″
Malcontent – A Conclave of Connivers 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #402
Nuclear Cult – Internal Aggressor 7″
Thisclose – Fear And Terror 7″
Thisclose – The Price We Pay 7″
Waarface – Accepted as Truth 7″

Gag – America’s Greatest Hits LP
No Time – You’ll Get Yours LP

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Secret Mangel Surprise!


3 x 7″ of MY choosing. You can end up wth records you already have and you can get something you really don’t want. But you can also get three killer platters, to a discounted price!
You can get three records that normally cost a lot more and you can get some that doesn’t. I decide.
If you’re a returning customer I’ll do my best to make sure you won’t get something you’ve ordered before, but I’m no making any promises.

It is what it is – three secret 7″ – no more, no less.

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NEW STUFF! Alienation, Endless Chaos, Narcoleptics…

Endless Chaos 7"Alienation – 2016 7″
CAGE Grind Noir – Pilots “The Directors Cut” LP
Days of Desolation/Travolta – split 10″
DeathTrap – You Pollute My World tape
Disjawn – Smoke Loud, Play Loud tape
Diswarp – Eternal Armageddon Darkness 7″
Endless Chaos – s/t 7″
Franky – Demonstration tape
Fundamental – Demo tape
Humiliation – 4 Song EP 7″
Krimtänk – Avbrott EP 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #401
Narcoleptics – Second EP 7″
Narcoleptics – Second EP tape
Passiv Dödshjälp – Tecken på idioti 10″
Primal Rite – Hatred in a Mask of Flowers / Pestilent Clutch 7″
Shitpissers – Demo 2016 tape
Systemfel – Crust ist Krieg USB
The Mild – Left to Starve tape
The Pose – Dig an Endless Grave 7″
The War Goes On – This Shitty Life 7″
Vacant State – Chains E.P. 7″

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New arrivals: Glorious?, Ursut, Svaveldioxid…

Svaveldioxid andlos mardrom lpAcute – Satsujinyokoku 12″
Förgiftad – Skit ska skit ha LP
Glorious? – Who are They to Impose Restrictions? LP
Maximum Rocknroll #399
Ravage Fix – s/t 7″
Snor -Totalna Cisza E.P. 7″
Svaveldioxid – Ändlös mardröm LP
The War Goes On – s/t LP
Unhaim – s’bränt! 7″
Ursut – Köp dig lycklig LP
Voidfiller – s/t LP

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New stuff! Disguise LP, Sunshine Ward LP, Wankys 7″ and more…

SUNSHINE WARD - Order LPCondition – Actual Hell LP
Confront – Trace: Early Years Selection LP
Disguise – Signs Of The Future LP
Electrocutioner – 5 Trax Demo 7″
Electrocutioner – The Blood Of The Pig Must Flow In The Steet 7″
Gasmask Terror – Chape De Plomb LP
Isotope – Midnight Soldier 7″
Maximum Rocknroll #398
Scumraid – Rip Up 7″
Skizophrenia – Single-ticket To Demo-lition LP
Strutter – s/t 7″
Sunshine Ward – Order LP
Wankys – State Monitoring State Control 7″
Wild Mohicans – s/t LP

Death Side – Bet on the Possibility LP

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